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Asphalt Testing

Our advanced laboratory testing facilities for asphalt are equipped with the latest equipment. GETLAB delivers modern asphalt testing services including reporting and asphalt pavement design for all civil works. We utilize our in-house laboratory and an experienced team dedicated to this core specialty

We practically have the most modern asphalt testing equipment in the country. 

The tests we conduct include;

Penetration test
Softening point test
Bitumen viscosity
Bitumen ductility
Thin Film Oven Test
Flash and fire point test
Marshall test
Marshall mix design
Refusal density mix design
Binder content by extraction

Quality since 2014, Geotechnical Engineering and Technology Laboratory Limited.(GETLAB)

Offering testing services for a wide range of civil infrastructure development projects including Geotechnical/ Geophysical exploration services.

Tensile Splitting Device

Marshall Stability Tester and Indirect tensile strength Tester

Asphalt Core

Bitumen Extraction Test

Bitumen Softening Point

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Bitumen Affinity Test


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