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Establishment of the Laboratory

Established in 2014, Geotechnical Engineering and Technology Laboratory Ltd (GETLAB) is a Limited Liability Company offering testing services for a wide range of civil engineering materials and geotechnical/ geological exploration services. GETLAB holds ISO/IEC 17025 Recognition Certificate issued by Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) and her personnel hold American Concrete Institute (ACI) Training Certificates. GETLAB is also a member of the National Laboratory Association of South Africa.

The laboratory comprises a highly skilled and experienced team of Registered Engineers, Graduate Engineers and Trained Technicians.

The motivation for establishing GETLAB was derived from the need to address the fundamental gaps that have been observed over time in most local and regional civil engineering laboratories and these include;

  • Lack of strict adherence to basic quality control requirements leading to inconsistency and lack of repeatability of test results;
  • Lack of strict adherence to testing programs (time schedules) agreed with clients;
  • Inadequate communication with and update of clients on the progress of both field and laboratory operations;
  • Shortage of competent and well exposed personnel; and Limited or no investment in the latest state of the art testing equipment and lack of contribution to research
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  • Strict adherence to basic quality control requirements both national and international testing standards
  • Strict recruitment and training of top-notch professionals
  • Research in technology and upgrade of our equipment
  • Annual calibration of equipment
  • Assignment of reasonable delivery dates for test results after taking into account the current workload we have and discussing this with our clients before commencement of works in order to prevent unnecessary anxiety.
  • Regular training of all personnel on quality control including internal audit of the quality management system


To offer competitive and high quality engineering solutions to our greatest asset, our customers.


To be the most sought after provider of un-paralleled geotechnical and material testing services.


These values below define the character of our company. They guide how we behave and make decisions related to service provision in-line with our customers’ technical and business needs.